A soothing collection of Christmas gift box I designed for 'Pure Dessert'.

Pure Dessert asked for a design based on the concept of 'Being brave during chaotic time' and 'Healing broken hearts and bringing hope to people'. Thus I designed the slogan 'People are people’s Santa.'.

I drew these sequential image of a story about a huge bag of Christmas gifts that accumulated by people. The sequence is from top left to bottom right.
Santa always represent the giver, but he needs everyone to help and share with each other to make a wonderful Christmas.

Coral is the iconic color of Pure Dessert.

At first the main color was coral and turquoise, but it seemed to be clashing with the black box. Then I turned turquoise into black, but it seemed to be too dark. I even tried removing most of the illustration and put just Santa image with the slogan, but it turned out to be too bland.

So the final version of design is an illustration paired with coral and white.

Photograph by 良言寫真館